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How you can help our cause

Any type or amount of assistance makes a big difference for our small nonprofit!


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Helping Hands

Do we have a similar mission? Or maybe you also provide the same or similar services? Reach out and let us know so we can help each other and more importantly help people live at home longer and happier!

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and run solely off of donations. Your money will help us fund all of our services and allow us to obtian the necessary resources to apply for grants as we continue to expand. There really is no amount too small. Thank you in advance!

We would be nothing without our volunteers! We are always looking for volunteers for countless tasks and all of our events. There is no need for a special skill set we have jobs for everyone and the options are endless. Send us an email today to see how you can help!

Easy ways to support us!

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Purchase Gift Cards for your favorite stores!

By signing up with RaiseRight, you can purchase gift cards from your favorite stores at face value and a percentage gets donated back to us! You can use this program just like cash or use it to stock up on gift cards for the holidays or birthdays!

Take our short surveys

By taking a few minutes to take the following survey, we can gather more data regarding the community we serve and to support our mission.

Survey for caregivers

Survey for older adults

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